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Environmental Policy 

Superb Property Group Pty Ltd environmental management system applies to all operations and services of the Business. All individuals associated with the company are expected to comply with the guidelines of this policy. 

Superb Property Group Pty Ltd is committed to environmental leadership, instilling the highest environmental values, utilising the best environmental practices, and focusing on continually improving our environmental performance and prevention of pollution by understanding and minimizing any adverse environmental impacts of our operations, whilst ensuring our legal obligations are met at all times.

In order to achieve the above, Superb Property Group Pty Ltd endeavours to:

  • Continually develop staff awareness and skills related to the environment and environmental impacts.
  • Actively seek ways to reduce carbon footprint through environmentally friendly methods. 
  • Utilize biodegradable products, where possible.
  • Minimising waste by using natural resources efficiently;
  • Provide full consideration to the care of flora, fauna, air, land and water, and to the community health and heritage which may be affected by service activities and therefore, minimise Superb Property Group's carbon footprint

To fulfill these commitments, Superb Property Group will observe all environmental laws, standards and regulations.

Last Update: 6th February 2019